There [and Back Again]… A Muratore Story

Welcome to our blog – Ittelkimasu!

Although often translated as “I’m leaving”, the English fails to capture a certain nuance. You see, ittekimasu is made up of two words – Itte (I will go) and kimasu (I will come). In Japanese, the sentiment is slightly more romantic, it is more of a “I’m leaving, and I will come back”.

Given our situation, we thought it an appropriate name for this is blog. A blog created not only for you, but also for us. So that we can share with you and our future selves the adventures of Jacob the Intrepid, where we went and what this season of our life entailed.

If you would like to follow along on our adventures, sign up for the adventure via the link in the menu (somewhat hidden behind the three green lines on the top right of your screen).

3 thoughts on “There [and Back Again]… A Muratore Story

  1. This is the best idea. Perhaps you could post some delicious Japanese-for-beginners recipes for us to try at home…

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