Venturing Forth [Omotesando, Cat Street and Shibuya]

Our first adventure into our big, new city was dictated by a search for coffee. Espresso coffee. You see, espresso coffee is something of a rarity in Japan. Having gone from a country where one can find a good coffee within five minutes of home, we are still somewhat struggling with the concept of needing to venture further afield. Azabu-juban, our lovely suburb, is all kinds of wonderful. Just not wonderful in the filled-with-espresso kind of way. We do have a local coffee roaster, but not a single espresso machine, hence our acquisition of much in house coffee making equipment. Fortunately, we did find a genuinely good (not just good-for-Tokyo) coffee man en route to where Andrew does his language training.

Anyhow, I digress. Our first adventure lead us to the backstreets of Omotesando, where the illusive Omotesando Koffee can be found in the bottom of an old house. Navigating the MANY station exits, and poky-not-square backstreets with a paper map was worth it in the end, as the coffee here (pronounced in the proper English manner, not as the Japanese would say koooheee) was amazing.

After sating our thirst, we went for a wander to find lunch. In doing so, we happened upon the famous Cat Street (famous if you like to shop) and wound up in Shibuya. Given we were presumably close we took a stab at finding the more-famous-in-our-minds Shibuya Scramble (a maze of many intersecting pedestrian crossings – see below for a sweet representation of the chaos), by heading towards the tightest knot of skyscrapers we could find. Sure enough, at the bottom there be the iconic scramble. So scramble we did, before returning home only stopping to take some pictures of the Muratore men before plunging in for our first pool adventure.

PS. We recently discovered this Cafemap. It is a list of 250+ coffee shops, ranked by Instagram and updated daily. Use it to go forth and find the coffee. It is great for all of Japan!

9 thoughts on “Venturing Forth [Omotesando, Cat Street and Shibuya]

  1. Looking forward to visiting this busy place 🙂
    Sounds like you guys are settling in well.
    Miss you xx

  2. Oh wow that was not only an interesting and informative blog post but I so love the addition of the clip at the end. All the intricate work to make it – the people, the modes of transport and even pets too. The pesky spider at the end is cute too.

      1. Yes it sure was. We just showed Mike the video too and he thought it was funny.

  3. Fantastic update! Glad to see you all settling in well. I also loved the Shibuya scramble video (I forgot that I had been there!), so cool 🙂

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