New Modes of Transport [with Bonus Coffee and Beer]

Since arriving in Japan, Jake has been the benefactor of two new and exciting modes of transport. Namely, a smaller Japanese sized pram and a set of sweet wheels.

The pram clearly was well received by Jake, who gave it 4.5 stars and by Andrew, who was able to steer one handed while drinking a coffee. The old pram we had in Australia seems like a tank in Japan – it was too wide for footpaths and had no hope of easily going through a standard train gate. Enter the new pram, the only one we could find that has a handle bar that extends high enough to cater to six foot tall westerners. Thanks Bugaboo!

The other wheels Jake acquired are powered by a small electric motor, designed for high speed transits around town. Given we don’t have a car in Tokyo, the mamachari (yes, that is their name) is a life saver and is great for getting to the in between areas not always serviced by what is generally speaking, a seamless and efficient public transport system.

A penny for your thoughts?

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