Tour 02 | Tokyo From on High

Apologies for our tardiness in producing our third post. We have been SO BUSY with numerous back-to-back visitors and seeing more of this new city we call home.

One of the things we have done of late is literally just that – we have been ascending various structures to get a better glimpse of the vastness that is Tokyo. So far we have been up our local 150/250m Tokyo Tower, the 152m World Trade Centre and Tokyo’s highest tower – the 350/450m Skytree.

All the towers are great, and each has its own merit.

The Tokyo Tower is iconic, and as locals who live near the tower it was a great chance to orient ourselves (taking the subway all the time means we had little idea of how to piece together the city between the stations).

The World Trade Centre was cheap, provides great views over the harbour and allows you to see Tokyo Tower (yes – it looks like the Eiffel Tower, and most importantly – it is 9m higher). It also has an awesome miniature map of the city you can press buttons on and light up different features.

Skytree, the tallest by far, allows you to appreicate the vastness of the city and at that height (given you are sometimes in the clouds) is best for viewing at night. Plus, in October is sometimes comes with bonus neon dancing witches.

2 thoughts on “Tour 02 | Tokyo From on High

  1. Hi travelling friends. You are certainly busy with all your visitors. This is a great post of all you can see from up high but seeing is truly believing as Tokyo is so expansive and you can only realise this from along way up.

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