Double Trouble [Two Halls, Two Typhoons and One Earthquake]

It seems like eons ago, but not so long ago two special guests come to town. During the time we had the two female Halls visiting we also had two typhoons in the neighborhood, and thankfully only one earthquake. Here are some snapshots of their time with us!

First, we must pay tribute to Anita’s red umbrella. The aforementioned typhoons resulted in a week long deluge of rain, and a little localised flooding in the lower lying areas. Mum’s quality red umbrella easily stood out from the crowd of clear plastic ¥500 umbrellas (thanks must go to M. Lumb for a great Christmas gift).

Next we must talk a little about all the food consumed. There was tempura, Indian, cheese, Thai, epic salads, sushi, 90s style parfait, kakigori (large mounds of shaved ice), cream and cinnamon on toast and rare cheesecake (which had a best before time of SIX HOURS).

As for what we managed to squeeze in around all this food – we hit the pool, and the local shops (which gave us a small portion of dried ice!). We scrambled with the best of them at Shibuya, and rode an ancient ferris wheel in Odaiba. We hunted plastic sushi in Kitchen Land, visited Sensoji Temple and the Skytree. We had a gander at the boat shaped Tokyo International Forum, planted some herb seeds (3/5 are still going strong) and visited Shinjuku Garden.

Just before returning home, we all donned our yukata and headed off to the Summer Nights Festival. We were all dressed by professionals, although Kara had the misfortune of being dressed like a dead person the first time around (it is left over right, not right over left)!

And finally, here are a few extra pictures of the main star of the show.

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