Tour 03 | The Coffee Hunt

COFFEE SITUATION: Good espresso coffee is hard to find. Pour over coffee is more common, and can be amazing, but is not always so. We have a local shop which will roast your coffee on the spot, but the owner will not make you a cup of the brew. Coffee shops also open later, and are situated further than we would like from home.

Ergo, we gave away money in exchange for equipment: a coffee grinder, a plunger, a fancy gooseneck kettle and two V60 drippers. V60 coffee, or pour over coffee, is about as close as this house gets to science. See video below for just how far from science it gets.

The resulting brew is a work in progress, but it more than eases the pain of a small child occasionally waking you earlier than you would like. According to our collection of photos on my phone, we have gone through 21 bags of coffee since we started. Like all good scientists/coffee makers, we have also made many notes about numerous variables including (and certainly not limited to) grind size, quantity of water/coffee, temperature of water and pouring time.

Perhaps it is because of the above situation that coffee tourism is definitely a thing in Tokyo. Maybe because it is more illusive, many people – ourselves included – plan their adventures in Tokyo around areas in which there conveniently happens to be great coffee. We have still got many places to try out, but we are starting to make a dint in the top twenty as are regularly featured on the Cafemap.

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