Two Weeks in Tokyo [Adventures with Justine]

I have just realised that most of my posts start with the same refrain, lamenting the time that has passed between that of xyz visitor and the present. So I am calling it – no more apologies! The lag time is simply a feature of life with a toddler and <THIS MANY> guests between September and Christmas.

This special guest is our long time friend Justine. She came to see the Muratore clan in Tokyo for two whole weeks! Needless to say, she is now in love with the country, and has planned at least one return adventure.

She happened to be be in the country for my (Kara’s) birthday, and during the pleasantly warm-but-not-wet end of summer/start of autumn. So what did we do? We ate, drank lots of coffee and toured around some of the local sights. Plus, we racked up a few firsts – our first visit to an onsen, and our first cup of matcha!


One thought on “Two Weeks in Tokyo [Adventures with Justine]

  1. I’m sure Justine had an awesome time and just incase you’re not aware of the fact – people come to visit you all because you are loved and you serve up amazing food.

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