#theholibaby [Escape to IZU]

DSCF5662For those of you playing along on Instagram, you may have noticed the hashtag we have claimed – #theholibaby – which accompanies all our holiday photos. Ask not for any deeper meaning behind the tag – it is simply holiday and baby smashed together (as is somewhat common in Japan) to form a new word.

If you are not on Instagram,  but wish to keep more up to date with our exploits stalk us on Instagram using the following links. Our user names are @thepatientcook or @clatterslikeworry, or you can simply follow the holibaby hashtag.

Anyhow, the above is simply a long way of saying that we finally went on our first holiday since arriving in Japan  in October 2015. To mark the occasion, we escaped Tokyo to the wonderful Izu Peninsula, around 2 hours away by train.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in three lovely destinations – Ito, Shimoda and Izu-kogen. As it turned out, each one was a little more bizarre than the last. First we experienced the traditional futon, and the paper thin walls of a ryokan. Next we had our own private onsen, amazing views and ate hot chips from a vending machine. Finally, we entered the bizarre world of the Japanese mega resort (this one was Balinese themed) and donned some fancy robes which you wore everywhere – including dinner! Here is a little bit of what we did (aside from lounging by the sea):

And more importantly, what we consumed:

And for those wanting to plan their own trip, here is a map with all of the gory details.


6 thoughts on “#theholibaby [Escape to IZU]

  1. Dear Kara,Andrew and Jake, Christine and I are enjoying looking at your lovely holiday photos.the scenery looks beautiful and peaceful.You all look so well and having a good time exploring.A Different scene from where Don and Anita have been.we are well and it is raining and blowing a gale here on the Basin.lots of love and hugs from us both .Nan.

    June 🌻


    1. Hello Nan! We are glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’m afraid we’ve been a little slow on posting but we hope to catch up soon 🐌 It is very warm and humid here in Tokyo – I think we would love a bit of the cooler weather for a change! Xx

  2. Just noticed you posted only marginally more photos of scenery and people as opposed to the array of food and beverages consumed.

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