Guess Who’s Back? [No points for correct answers]

Disclaimer: In spite of the above awesome title, no Muratore is currently in Australia. This post is about November 2015 (yes, I am quite a way behind). We have tentative plans to return to the great southern land in early 2017.

Late in November, 2015  Jake and I returned to Australia as part of what can only be described as a first birthday tour. For those who would like to know, Jake was the awesome baby sleeping soundly in my arms for the full duration of our night flight into Sydney! And then some more during the ride to the Basin. What a champion! The return flight was a different matter (we had both a very sick gastro-y baby and a sick mother), that has been edited out of my memory, but thanks (so many thanks!) must go to the lovely high school student sitting next to me who helped me consume some of my breakfast. Traveling solo with an infant is not something I would repeat soon – thankfully Jake is now MUCH bigger so its not something that we will have to do again.

We spent our time frolicking in the warm (and refreshingly not humid) Australian sun, visiting our beloved family and making a detour to Canberra to catch up with all the fellow mothers in our mothers (and father) group!

I also spent it eating a fairly substantial amount of meat, and soft cheese – two commodities I clearly didn’t appreciate enough before I had to pay Japanese prices for them. I also hit up as many cafes as I could for breakfast (Australian’s really do do it the best) and coffee.

As I mentioned earlier – Jake had many first birthday celebrations. Three in Australia, and two in Japan. Needless to say the birthday boy was feeling pretty pleased with himself, and had the heaviest of the two suitcases returning home.

Until next time Australia! We will miss your hot, dry summers, your bountiful produce and your lovely inhabitants!

6 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back? [No points for correct answers]

  1. Thank you Kara.It is lovely seeing the photos. Hope you are all well.much love Nan

    June 🌻


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