The big O-N-E

Uncle David and Aunty Sarah were lucky enough/purposefully planned to be in town when Jake had his actual birthday. To celebrate we ate one last cake, and did all of his favourite things – playing on swings and slides, and practicing walking.

We did a lot of practicing. If one thing can be said about Jake, it is that he is a determined child. In preparation for walking, we estimate he did at least 30 squats daily to get his legs in working order. Once walking, Jake was unable to stand without assistance of furniture for quite a few weeks, which meant he did a lot of walking quickly followed by crawling.

As is always the case when we have visitors, we treat them to the best of our home cooked meals and those we can find in Tokyo. On this occasion, David went out on a limb and   purchased some sweet potato KitKats that you baked in the oven. Sarah and I were not a fan from our first sampling, but David and Andrew went hard. In hindsight, it appears that David ate too many after he came down with a sort of food-related illness attributable only to the aforementioned indulgence.

David and Sarah took a side trip to Kyoto, and while in Tokyo we visited some Japanese gardens, drank some traditional green tea (it was not so well received by our guests), went to the fish markets, sauntered through a coffee festival and saw MANY MANY lights. Although it was only early December, Tokyo loves an over the top Christmas light display so we took our guests to one of the best.

A penny for your thoughts?

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