[White] Christmas Holidays

Our first Christmas in Tokyo was quite different, for a number of reasons. It was both Andrew and my first Christmas away from family, and it was our first Christmas where the seasons were switched.

It was a winter Christmas, sadly without snow. It can snow in Tokyo, but the heat of so many millions of people means a lot of snow flurries melt somewhere above the metropolis.

As many of the Japanese do not celebrate Christmas like we do at home, the shops were all open on Christmas day so we headed out for lunch at a nearby brewery, followed by a more traditional home cooked roast dinner at home once Jake was asleep.

One interesting Japanese tradition is that the Japanese do eat KFC on Christmas day (thanks to a great marketing campaign) which we opted to not participate in (partly because we hadn’t ordered early enough). We did order delivery KFC in the new year, which was unsatisfactory on many levels, but mainly due to a lack of secret salt on the chips.

Speaking of traditions, we decided to keep up the compulsory new years day swim which Jake was most please with.

Aside from this we spent our holidays gallivanting around the city, eating much delicious food and trying to keep warm. We will be back in Australia for Christmas in 2016, and are looking forward to changing it all up again before going round two with a (hopefully genuinely) white Christmas in 2018!

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