Hakuba [aka mini-Australia]

In the never ending quest to stay on top of our adventures, here is the Halls grand winter tour of Japan. It started in Tokyo, and took us to Hakuba (a town so filled with Australians it was eerily familiar) and onwards to Kyoto. Owing to the legitimate risk of photo overload, here is part one which will take us to the end of our time in the snow.

As you can see from the number of suitcases, we like to travel light (not). Still, we managed to squeeze ourselves onto a shinkansen with ease. The car was a different matter and we provided some light entertainment for the gentlemen at the car hire shop.

The snow season in Japan was quite late in 2015-2016, and when we arrived there was little snow on the ground. Fortunately on our first night we received a nice dusting of snow, transforming our abode into a magical snow house!

During our time at the snow, skiers outnumbered boarders 3:1. Although I fear the ratio of wins in the races was somewhat reversed. As you can see, in spite of the late start to the season, compared to Australia there is still much superfluous snow to be seen!

And here are some pictures of the star of the blog, showing him in his fantastic snow onesie! Tobogganing was a favourite, as was eating the snow.

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