Kyoto [GEISHA?]

As mentioned, after Hakuba, we traveled to Kyoto during the Halls 2016 Winter Tour of Japan. Here are a handful of the gratuitous family pictures we snapped. And yes, you may note that the first four were on the same day.

Kyoto was, in places, every bit like I imagined it to be. Essentially, I wanted it to be a large memoirs of a Geisha set. And to some extent, it was just that as the pictures seen below seem to convey that reality. Obviously the grimy modern streets and the drab buildings that so challenged my dream city were not so photogenic.

Kyoto is an amazing city, but one which is struggling under the sheer number of tourists that pass through. Having talked to all our guests who have passed through ( a small but I feel accurate sample size) Kyoto is the number one destination on people’s minds outside of Tokyo.

Aside from Geisha (no, we didn’t see any during this visit to Kyoto), the city is perhaps most famous for its temples. We did an intensive morning of temples around Higashiyama, and sampled a few in the west near the Arashiyama bamboo grove.

Naturally, when in Kyoto (and later when we returned to Tokyo) we continued our amazing food adventures. Highlights include the Hagen-Darz Crispy Sandwich, and the sheer quantity of ramen consumed in a short space of time.

To finish the holiday, we return to Tokyo and met up with Dylan who was here to go on a snow holiday with Erin (the lucky duck). We visited a beautiful garden in the hunt for plum blossoms, crashed a Japanese wedding and I subjected everyone to forced portraits.

In our day with Dylan, we did a self-guided tour of Tsukiji fish markets and go-karting. Here in Japan it is legal (somehow) to take your kart on the roads so we took advantage of it and spent a few hours hooning around the imperial palace gardens in chilly conditions.

Thanks for visiting Halls (+the honourary clan member Dylan)! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

And here, in all the splendid detail is everything we have done over this trip to Kyoto (and two others)!

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