Hoikuen – Year One [Japanese Daycare]

Jake has been in day care for almost a year (hooray for my sanity). Here a few pictures from his last day of park exploring with me before starting at hoikuen.

And here he is on his first day. So brave (at this point) and keen for adventure.

While many things are certainly different from what I imagine they are like in Australia, the ladies who look after him are simply the best and have made it that much easier to allow others the joy of watching over him from day to day.

Here are a few pictures from the sports day carnival (including the wrap-your-child-like-they’re-sushi race), how they send your children home when they’re sick (yes, it is a large patch designed to cool you down), Halloween, his birthday and Christmas time.

And finally, because you really wanted to know more about why Jake is dressed up as the most amazing piece of giant broccoli (outfits designed by the ladies at the hoikuen) at the Christmas party – we give you his debut performance in Bento Busu. A house made musical about the ingredients in a bento, who go on an adventure in a bus. Who then sing you twinkle twinkle.

2 thoughts on “Hoikuen – Year One [Japanese Daycare]

  1. That’s so lovely for everyone who hasn’t visited you yet to see a little of Japanese life. What I found amazing was at daycare they have a cabinet with replica of the food that was on the menu each day.

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