Kyoto [Round II]

I think I am going to neglect to mention that this was a year ago. Instead of lamenting that I am now a whole year behind in documenting our lives in Japan, I am going to use this a chance to reflect on HOW BIG JAKE NOW IS (among other things).

In March 2016 Jake and I were lucky enough to host Grandma Muratore, while Andrew went to Kyoto on a two week home stay. We pottered around Tokyo doing our thing (which seems to have included parks, parks and more parks) before we zoomed off to Tokyo for the much anticipate reunion.

And after a remarkably short time on a shinkansen (the Nozomi, and yes, you can ask Jake what the name of the specific Tokyo Kyoto shinkansen is and he now knows its name) and here we are. Back in Kyoto for round two of innumerable old temples and beautiful vistas interspersed with drab looking streets. But first, here is Jake looking pensively at a blank wall minutes before finding his Dadda.

This time around we managed to tick off a few other Kyoto must-dos. We found some real maiko hard at work, visited the famous Fushimi Inari and gawked at the Golden Pavilion (with the masses).

And this montage is for all those who wonder how fast a toddler changes from go to woe. Or the reverse in this case. Photos taken approximately 5 seconds apart.

After our Kyoto adventure, we had time for one quick adventure to Yoyogi park before Grandma flew home. As you can see below, Jake proved to be quite the attraction. From memory, he was simply trying (and failing) to kick a soccer ball in the adorable I-can’t-really-kick-and-walk kind of way.

And here, in all the splendid detail is everything we have done over this trip to Kyoto (and two others)!


2 thoughts on “Kyoto [Round II]

  1. Thank you for the delightful photos of Jake and his adventures,also family and friends.I’ll show Christine when she comes this weekend.We are well ,and pleased to be having some cooler and wet weather.great for people and plants. I’ m having a new hot water heater installed on Friday.after 26 years the old one is about worn for now lots of hugs. Nan. >

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