#noholibaby [Kamakura]

Every year there are a few special days where we at the embassy get an Australian holiday, but our hoikuen is still open. Enter the #noholibaby adventures!

One of our first adventures was a day trip to the nearby town of Kamakura. Land of many temples, surfing beaches and of course – good food! We visited a temple famous for its hydrangeas, but as the sign reads in Japanese we are just a few days too early. Which, in hindsight, was probably a good thing as it was already pretty packed down there!

At the same temple we also saw what we think is a squirrel (happy to be corrected on this one). Anyhow, it was a ninja and as such deserves its own section on the blog. It would not sit in the seed bowl to eat – it would only eat beside the hut. So it did this same trick numerous times much to the delight of the temple visitors.

From this temple in the hills, we did a short walk to the BIG BUDDHA. He is the second tallest in Japan, at a whopping great 13.5 metres! More about him later. For Andrew and I, it was the walk to the buddha that made the journey worth it.

Here are our attempts to get all three of us in the frame. I don’t think the 13.5 metres was large enough to make up for our lamentable selfie game.

Obviously, no trip we have taken has ever not been shaped by food, so we caught the tram-esque machine east toward Enoshima in search of TheMarketSE1 and the beach. This gelato was one of the best I’ve had in my life.

A penny for your thoughts?

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