Tour 04 | An Urban Playground

As anyone traveling with a small child knows, a place to let your kids roam freely is a much needed break for both the parent and child. It is both a safe space where parents can relax (no cars here), and a chance for your child to get their own way (because when else are they not doing everything to our schedule).

Because Japanese homes are typically rather small, there is a large number of outdoor areas to set your child free in. There are splash parks for summer, and the more traditional gardens and roof tops, and of course – the playgrounds. Both these links will take you to our foursquare reference lists – one is just for splash parks, and the other is for the full sixty-eight (and counting) outdoor spaces we’ve either been to, or want to go to in the future!

Splash parks:

Simply the best thing to counter a long humid summer.

Gardens and roof tops.

Roofs are normally good for train spotting, so they get extra points from Jake.


And of course the numerous playgrounds. SO MANY! And we’ve not even made a dint in them yet. There are some that the kid’s apparently construct and build which we haven’t been to yet (they are still in the foursquare list – to remind us to go there this year now Jake is bigger)!


A penny for your thoughts?

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