A Mob of Murataurs

Inspired by cheap flights and the prospect of a not-very-extreme winter, last year the whole Muratore family dropped into Tokyo to say hello and test out how extreme a Japanese summer could be.

The Japanese summer answered in the only way it knows how, with high temperatures and large amounts of rain. Yet, given this is a yearly occurrence Tokyo has quite a few tricks up her sleeve to ensure the survival of those brave enough to step outside.

Cue the inland amusement park/shopping centre tour of Odaiba Tokyo. Ice cream from a ticket machine, candly shaped like lego and the opportunity to waste time and money on many a vintage arcade game.

The other benefit of summer is of course the foods. For some reason, all the photos I have seem to be brown. Brown kakigori (shaved ice with toppings – this one being a non-conventional tiramisu flavour combination, as opposed to something like avocado), iced coffee and fruit pie. Oh my goodness – this pastry is dangerously easy and made of win.

We also ventured out Yoyogi in search of more coffee and diesel powered locomotives, much to the delight of the train-obsessed Jacob.

So here they are, the siblings in 2016 and the Muratore family! Looking forward to having you return for a less hot visit in October!

A penny for your thoughts?

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