More Mountains [Minnakami, Gunma]

Last year we had the opportunity to join our new church – Grace Harbour – on their annual summer retreat to Minnakami, in Gunma. While driving to our destination, we took the opportunity to stop at one of the 100 Round1 indoor sports facilities in Japan to burn through some energy.

They have an indoor bowling alley, all the sports areas for adults, a massive ball pit for the children and of course – pachinko (the Japanese slot machines). This place was just what our adventure called for, and exhausted not only Jake but also us adults too as we tried to keep up with him.

Our destination in the mountains couldn’t have been more different from the Round1. It was full of wide open places, and so much nature. And this really large dam that Jake liked to run along the top of.

It was a wet, and surprisingly cold, adventure to the mountains and we are sad we cannot return this year! Hopefully we will make it in 2018!

A penny for your thoughts?

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