Philippines ♥ [Puerto Galera and Manila]

Oh the Philippines! You were picked as a destination of convenience (a location with direct flights from both Tokyo and Sydney), but you turned out to be so much  more. Here are a few pictures from our 2016 adventure to the blue waters and grey towers of the Philippines.

Upon arrival, we spent one night in Manila before transferring to the delightful town of Puerto Galera. The transfer included a few hours in a private van, and then an hour on one of these big (though rather loud) boats through idyllic waters.

While in Puerto Galera, we stayed around 10 minutes out the small town at this amazing villa. It was exactly as advertised, and looks as good as the pictures. As the younger generation would say, #nofilterneeded.

Needless to say, residing beside this body of water we did a lot of exploring on mini boats. We did some snorkeling, Dylan learn to scuba dive, and Jake did SO MUCH splashing.

We all go some quality Jake time. Blew many bubbles, ready many books, watched many jeepneys on the road.

We went for a trip to the town of Puerto Galera to do a bit of exploring. Mainly it was an excuse to ride in a few more jeepneys and trikes.

We also made a trip to the incredibly touristy White Beach. It was a bit of a spectacle and a very rowdy after our relative seclusion, but the sunset was worth it!

After our island sojourn, we returned to Manila to explore what is (according to the internet), a city you should avoid.

While in town, we returned to the lovely Henry Hotel and had a great time!

While in Manila we explored some markets and went on a tour with Bambike Eco Tours. This is a great little outfit making bikes from locally sourced bamboo, and giving you a tour around the beautiful Intramuros area of Manila.

And here a few final pictures from our time around Manila.

For a location decided upon for its convenience, this holiday turned out to be so much better than we had hoped! For a live action version, see my sister’s video she compiled from her GoPro footage of our time there.

A penny for your thoughts?

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