Falling for a Fuji [Camera, that is]

Last autumn Andrew and I took advantage of an Australian public holiday, that is not a Japanese one (ergo, Jake was still in daycare) and went on a date day.

We went and visited a few Japanese gardens, because autumn. This is the seasonally appropriate activity to do in Tokyo, but we levelled up by borrowing some seriously awesome Fuji camera’s from the Fujifilm shop in Tokyo Midtown. If you have ID and a credit card, you can hire out a camera body and up to two lenses (this might have changed) free of charge if you return them before 6.30pm. If you want them overnight, there is a minimal fee (around $15 AUD).

Essentially, this was a great opportunity for us to road test the new camera’s we were looking at buying after tax time in 2017.

Andrew could probably say more about the camera bodies and lenses we borrowed, but the short story is they were awesome. As you can see below.

Some of you may note that it is post tax-time in 2017 now, and yes, we have bought one of the two camera bodies we tested and a few lenses. Next year, we will get the last camera body because we don’t like sharing.

We bought the Fuji X-T2 and for those of you with a small, fast moving toddler it is great. It is also great at capturing less dynamic scenes as above. If you have any questions about the camera or lenses, feel free to ask away and I will get Andrew to respond. Technical details are not for me, I simply know how to use the camera and really like what it does with little to no tinkering in the editing phase.

A penny for your thoughts?

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