Australian vs Japanese Summer [It’s no contest]

Last year we were lucky enough to be in Australia over Christmas and New Years. It was a timely reminder that not all summers, everywhere, are as hot and sticky as they are in Japan.

It was also a fun experience for Jake, to test out a big family gathering on Christmas day. But first, here we are at a respectable hour of the morning opening the family presents. Assisted by the cutest Santa helper I’ve ever seen (a biased, but honest truth from me).


And here is a bit more from our Christmas lunch. We are lucky enough to have both sides of the family living close by, so it was great to not have to choose which place to spend Christmas this year.

And yes, that is Jake turning his nose up at pavlova. I feel torn between failing him, and rejoicing in the safety of my pavlova portion.


During the remainder of our time we were, in hindsight, busy little bees. We beached, brunched at cafes and played in the dirt. Jake had a swim in a bucket with a sprinkler, and caught our only local train. And us adults drunk many coffees.


We also took the opportunity to go camping. Usually we head to the beach, but this time we opted for somewhere we could reserve (given we only had 3 days we had to use for camping) and went beside the river instead.


And here are all the noble campers!


Plus, a camping video.  Yes, it might not look like muck to you but the sound of cicadas and the uckers victory captured are worth immortalising. I only wish I had a steadier hand!

And then we were off! A broken down car just short of the airport couldn’t stop us. It was a trip that Jake still talks about even one year on, and it was a summer that was a joy to be a part of.


A penny for your thoughts?

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