Japanese Powder

As Australians, any snow outside of Australia is always going to be better. Here in Japan, it just so happens that it can also cost about the same (with flights included) to come to Japan for a week, as it does to go to an Australian ski field for 4 days.

Ergo, we’ve had many visitors who make their way to the snow, and we ourselves have been to the snow on several occasions. I’ve even switched to boarding during our time here in Japan!

We are sadly not going to make it everywhere we would like to, but please see below for our map of places we’ve been and places we would love to get to! Our current pick of the bunch is Myoko, but we try to keep it quiet!

Also, for those of you with smaller children who are still keen to maximise your time on the slopes here is a most useful chart from Powder Hounds. Actually, Powder Hounds more broadly is a great resource for those thinking about heading to the snow.

Child Care

Min Age (yrs)

Private Ski Lessons

Min Age (yrs)

Group Ski Lessons

Min Age (yrs)

Appi Kogen 1 3 7
Furano 1 4 6
Hakuba 1.5 3 3
Myoko Kogen 0.5 3 3
Niseko 0 2 3
Nozawa  1 3 4
Sahoro 1 2 4
Shiga Kogen  0.5 3 4
Tomamu 8 mths 3 3

2 thoughts on “Japanese Powder

  1. In Finland, we have snow and we build every winter a village for kids. For example, they can take reindeer rides or traditional rotating whip sledge! They enjoy snow and winter very much. Your photos a very beautiful and I enjoyed them very much.

    Have a good day!

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