To the Snow and Beyond [Adventures with Justine II]

A long, long time ago Justine came back in 2017 (and to make it extra confusing, she has just been for an extra snow season in 2018)  to see a little more of Japan than just Tokyo. This time, we managed to make it to the lovely snowy town of Myoko-kogen for a few days on the slopes, and to the brisk but beautiful Kyoto.

As you can see, Jake and Justine share more than just the first letter of their name. They both share a rather large love of all things snowy. Jake spent a few days with the folks at Myoko Snowsports, playing in the snow, while we adults did some boarding. Well, Justine and Andrew did. I was very much still learning at this stage. And I can’t recommend highly enough the team at Myoko Snowsports – easily the best lessons I have had in Japan yet!

Following our time in Myoko, Justine and I sent the boys back to Tokyo and we continued onto Kyoto. Because, if you are to see one town outside of Tokyo, Kyoto is probably the place to go. Once there, we crammed as much as we could into our time and hit as  many temples and eateries as we could.

Definitely a trip to remember!

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