Kanazawa [Mini Kyoto]

Kanazawa. You were everything I hoped Kyoto would be in a small, compact and satisfying way. You were a direct train from Tokyo, and just the holiday we needed at the time.

Jake even liked your gardens, or more specifically your bamboo poles which he rudely filled with ALL the pebbles. Each and every pole he walked past. Plus, he made a friend which is always a win in his book.

The one disappointment was the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. To be sure, the gallery content was great but their attitude towards children (or at least Jake, who was, believe it or not an angel on this day) was lamentable and made us leave very early and rather grumpy. If you want more, I wax lyrical in a less open forum.

Obviously it goes without saying that we ate all the food. And every meal was delicious. The gold foil covered soft serve ice cream, the coffee, the local beer and the local curry which I was initially very skeptical about.

It was a beautiful city and one in which shinkansen drivers gave away free stickers to excited fans and the trains adorned safety features on side walks.

It was definitely a highlight of our time in Japan. For an extensive guide on what to do, where to do it and when check out Someform’s notes on her visit here!




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