Reef Break Retreat [YURT]

Yurt yurt yurt yurt.

As soon as we saw this property on Air BNB we just knew we had to visit. The only problem was securing a booking. As you can see below – it is amazing – ergo it took us around a year to sort our timing out! Book here to avoid Air BNB’s fees and go directly to the owner – Markus!

The Yurt came complete with an outside BBQ, a fire pit, an outside rotenburo (bath – although this one was the size of a small pool) and on site massages! Plus, it has all the fresh air you could wish for coming at your direct from the Pacific.

The view was amazing. Not so our families lack of coordination with the camera timer.

As per the norm, we eat like the Kings and Queens we are and made full use of the BBQ and hibachi available.

We did very little during our two night stay, but we did take the time to explore the breakwater just below the property. Do not be deterred by the scary sign if it is low tide – it was a place to stretch the legs and our toddler managed to not jump off any of the available high places!

A penny for your thoughts?

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