Wind Chime Festivals [? cooling effect]

Every Summer in Japan a series of wind chime festivals pop up. The theory being that the sound of the wind chimes tinkling in a light breeze is enough to remind you of a stronger breeze (that presumably blows the humidity away).

Now, as you probably note there is a tone of skepticism here about their effectiveness, but one can not doubt the craftsmanship which goes into the making of them. Most are truly spectacular, some are a little bit kitsch and all of them make a pleasant harmonious sound. Plus, they make great (if breakable) gifts for loved ones back home.

No festival in Japan comes without food. Delicious steamed potatoes with gratuitous amounts of butter and salt, okonomiyaki on a stick and meats various on sticks.

Needless to say the day was delicious, but it was hot and noisy and crowded. A lot of fun, but it is questionable whether the misted water sprayed in the air helped to cool anyone down or just added to the humidity.

And of course there is always time for an up close and personal train viewing opportunity.


A penny for your thoughts?

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