Camping [Chiba]

Chiba is for some reason given a little bit of a bad rap by those who live in Tokyo, but it is full of many a delightful day trip for those wanting some fresh air and green vistas!

We combined our camping expedition with a trip to Mount Nokogiri – Sawtooth Mountain – for a chance to stretch our legs en route. Plus, as a bonus for Jake it included a small ride in a cable car for those unwilling/unable to walk the mountain in the heat of the summer.

After our sweaty mountain detour we set up camp at the site called Camping Hills Kamogawa. This one you can reserve online (in Japanese, but it is possible to navigate using Google translate) or over the phone (again, in Japanese).

We got lucky this time around to have company, which delighted Jake. The campsite it set in some disused rice paddies, next to some which remain in use, so the vista is spectacular!

The campsite is also a ten minute drive from the beach. These are the beaches that are set to host the surfing portion of the Olympics. Interestingly, they were somewhat flat in the wave department and lacking in the facilities we Australians expect at our beaches. Naturally, there were no toilets and no running water to rinse the sand away.

That said, it did not stop the children from enjoying the waters! And the tomatoes in the epic leftovers lunch spread we consumed before returning to Tokyo.

For more about our camping exploits – see this first post where we have been compiling all our camping adventures!

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