Camping [Ibaraki]

After much stalking of Ippei and Janine’s instagram feed, we did some digging and found one of their frequented campsites in Ibaraki – Kotakizawa Camping Ground!

After all this sleuthing, we found that you can save yourselves the time and have a look at their website where they give you all the details you need for the green places hidden around Tokyo!


This gem was a free campsite where you could just roll on in and enjoy the serenity and the cool mountain streams! They were almost too cool!


The campsite did come with this adorable warning about snakes, but as Australians it phased us little. All we wanted was a shot of the sign to put on this blog!


You can also tell that it was just before this trip that we bought ourselves a tripod. An obvious attempt to get #allthemurataurs in the picture at the one time!


For more about our camping exploits – see this first post where we have been compiling all our camping adventures!

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