Vietnam [Hội An and Huế]

Somewhat predicatably, the second of our connecting flights from Bangkok to Vietnam failed to take off. So we found ourselves with a slightly longer than expected layover in Ho Chi Minh city. If you do ever find yourselves there, we highly recommend the mall opposite the car park – around a fifteen minute walk from the terminal. There is a delicious food court on the upper levels, and down below there is this magical kids wonderland!


Anyhow, after successfully transferring ourselves to a later flight to a slightly-further-away from Hội An airport, we managed to make it to the Little Hội An Boutique Hotel & Spa. Our home for the next few days.

While there we did all the predictable things that the internet tells you to do. We visited the night markets, we ate Bánh mì (in particular from Bánh Mì Phượng – these were our favourites) and we visited the beach (An Bang beach is easily the best of the local beaches – see the other beach featuring a large excavator).

We also got clothes made at Bebe Tailors for the ladies, and Vanda Tailors for the men. And visited the Friendly leather shops – both the shoe and the bag shop. We also visited the Buffalo leather shop.

All the food we had was delicious (and believe me – we ate a lot of it), but of particular note was the Reaching Out Tea House – a peaceful shop staffed by people with hearing disabilities.


My sister Erin had her birthday during our stay, and we managed to organise a birthday dinner and cake for her at the fabulous Dingo Deli. They even went to the effort of decorating the area and providing balloons! We cannot recommend this place highly enough for their last minute sneaky assistance in planning a surprise dinner out!


Andrew and I also braved the early morning to do a sunrise photography tour with Etienne from Hội An Photo Tour. We explored a local fishing town, visited a fish sauce factory and had a light meal together. It was a really educational experience, and I think everyone in our group learnt a lot – even if they had just a simple point and shoot or their phone, right up to those with massive DSLRs. For reference, we have a medium sized kit comprised of the Fujifilm X-T2 and the Fujufilm X-Pro2 with some interchangeable lenses.


We also found a small festival one night, much to the joy of a certain toddler who was out past his bedtime AND got to bounce for a solid ten minutes on his first bouncy castle.


For the second part of our trip, we took it easy and stayed at the luxurious Vedana Lagoon on the outskirts of Huế. Some of us did a day trip to Huế and took a turn about the local ruins, but most of us spent it lounging beside the pool checking Jake remained alive (given his refusal to emerge from his new watery domain).

Unfortunately at this stage of the trip I did get some food poisoning (which I suspect was from the food we made in a cooking class), but it was short lived and somewhat expected to happen at some point during this trip.


Anyhow, all of this is to say a big thankyou to our friends and family for joining us on this trip away! It was really such fun! xox

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