Hoikuen – Year Two [Japanese Daycare]

So here is an update on how Jake’s second and final year at his Japanese hoikuen went. He started in momo (peach) class and made his way up to remon (lemon) class! See this post (and also a little bit of this one) for his adventures in year one!

Essentially, he loved it. And he ended up tallest in the school. Which would come as no surprise.

We had the chance to participate in another Undokai celebration – a Japanese version of a sports day carnival!

Naturally, we also had another Christmas party. Once again the school outdid themselves in throwing the annual Christmas party and in developing three plays (one for each of the age groups). This year Jake was dressed as an Australian Koala. Possibly an improvement on last year’s Broccoli-san?

Finally at the end we got to experience a very formal graduation ceremony – complete with white shirts and black formal pants. Bow ties were essential too! Jake was predictably under dressed – but for some reason they thought these items of clothes would already be in Jake’s wardrobe – so they only checked with us the night before which lead to some speedy and expensive late night shopping in Roppongi!

Nevertheless, the gradation ceremony was adorable – we got a performance on bells, handmade paper flowers and a family portrait to take home with us! Thanks so much to his two teachers for making his year such fun!

We were also lucky enough to have the ceremony at the same time as the sakura flowers were out, which made the formal outfits look all the more snazzy!


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