The terrific threes!

What seems like an age ago, Jake turned three! Before that, he obviously turned one and two and as all parents do this is a time of year to review pictures of your ever-increasing-in-size child.

This lucky duck was going to be away on a holiday for his actual birthday, so we made the decision to open his large sized birthday gifts the morning of his birthday party and give him his customary balloons then too!

Every year we have been here at the Embassy, we have been working off the same format birthday party. Although with increasingly larger guest lists.

This year, we moved the party to the BBQ area where the trampoline was temporarily relocated during the playground renovations. At the birthday boys request we had French Toast for his birthday cake! So we had a birthday brunch, complete with hot chocolate spiked with a coffee syrup for adults, and we served the french toast with mascarpone, fresh berries and caramel sauce.

And for those wondering at home, ten is the maximum number of three year olds you can comfortably fit on a trampoline of this size.

For his actual birthday, we were on our road trip around Fuji-san and we were in Hakone. So here are a few shots from our hotel room, featuring yet another awesome hoikuen hat to mark the passing of another year!

Jake was also the recipient of my first attempt at sewing! So I made a matching cape for Jake and one for his stuffed toy friends!

A penny for your thoughts?

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