See you on the other side [Christmas 2017, Farewell to Papa Russell and a New Year]

In 2017, we had the great fortune of hosting Christmas at our place (sorry, absolutely ZERO pictures of that occasion) and the misfortune of Jake and I flying back to Australia on Christmas day night to attend the funeral of my Grandfather.

Christmas in Tokyo is always an odd affair, and this year we treated ourselves to a new camera lens (that took the pictures of our cold selves and Shake Shack loot). I also crocheted my first beanie and we made up a new advent calendar.

So after a delicious meal and many hours of flying, Jake and I found ourselves back in Australia for Boxing Day! As this was only a short trip, we crammed as much into our one day on the south coast as possible!

The funeral was down in my grandparents hometown of Cobram, in rural Victoria. It takes the better part of the day to drive their, but we made it in one piece and got to see all the sights along the way!

The funeral was a beautiful community centered service, full of memories of a man whose tales were as tall as he was in stature. Despite the many kilometers I traveled to get there, I have no regrets about being able to be together with my family at this time.

We made it back to the coast for New Years Eve which we spent burning things in the brazier (as should always be done when on the coast) and had time for a quick visit to a local playground before we flew back to Japan. Luckily for us, we were able to get on the same flight as Granita and Poppadon who were coming over for a previously scheduled visit!

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