Originally we had planned to visit Niseko with Granita and Poppadon, but unfortunately Andrew’s work forced a last minute cancellation on us with a surprise ministerial visit in the new year!

So as to not make him VERY jealous we cancelled the snow holiday and those of us that could went for a long weekend to Osaka. Henceforth known as LAND OF FOOD! Much to Jake’s delight we rode the shinkansen all the way there! And Granita and I had a chance to wear in our new doc martens!


Our visit coincided with a train expo of sorts – full of model trains and TRAIN KARAOKE. This is where you say the same announcements as the conductors do at various stations!


We also had a chance to checkout Osaka Castle, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and explore downtown Osaka.


Given the large amount of food we consumed (remember its second name as LAND OF FOOD?) we have very few pictures of what we ate.


Osaka is famous for so many tasty things to eat – but here are the top five as voted by us Halls (in no particular order):

  • Okonomiyaki (we went to Ajinoya)
  • Kushikatsu (we went to many places – and it was all sooo good!)
  • Souffle pancakes (we went to Micasadeco&Cafe)
  • Cheesecake souffle (essentially find a queue, any queue in the arcade and join it)!
  • Yakiniku (we went to Tajimaya Shinsaibashi)

There are so many more delicious things which I can’t remember – but be sure to do at least one or two Googlings so as to get an idea of the sheer variety of foods you can try! We also drunk an abundant amount of amazing coffee – particularly from the shop spruiked here by Jake – Sporty Coffee – which was just outside our BNB.


A penny for your thoughts?

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