We had the great pleasure of attending the wedding of our good friends from Tokyo – Julia and Dan back in sunny Coolum, QLD Australia!

I also managed to make my first proper item of clothing for the wedding – this beautiful Kielo dress! It is still a favourite of mine a year and a half on – I am just waiting for some more warm weather to roll around after these back -to-back winters!

We managed to convince our families to come to QLD for a visit, as we were short on time and would not be able to make it down the south coast to say hello. So we booked a very large house and piled on in for our first joint family reunion!

Needless to say, we ate great food and someone drunk a lot of smoothies. We also did as much beach time as possible each day. Jake also managed to catch a wave first time around!

We also managed to squeeze in day trips to Australia Zoo, Eumundi Market and Maleny Daires!


Thanks for a great visit Halls and Muratores, and to Julia and Dan for the excuse to visit this delightful part of the world!


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