On Sailing [Failure to launch]

Each year the Australian Embassy fields a team of novice sailors to man a boat in an inter-embassy sailing competition in the lovely Hayama area.

I was lucky enough to be on the team for 2 years in a row, and it was such a pleasure to get the opportunity to escape the city for a few practice runs and join in on race day. In year one we managed to place second to the British, but in 2018 we sadly didn’t make it onto the water on race day owing to strong winds from nearby typhoons. Thankfully for the 2019 team they moved the race day out of the typhoon season!

Instead of racing, we spent the day eating and drinking the competing nations contributions and later went exploring the local town of Hayama and visiting the beach.

We also got lucky and ate a delicious second lunch of the closest thing to fish and chips we had eaten in Japan at the nearby shop called The Gazebo! We also had great coffee at the nearby Inuit Coffee Roasters!


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