Go? No-go? [Hiroshima Fail]

During that fabled typhoon season on 2018, our Muratore side of the family came for a long planned trip to Hiroshima and Tokyo. Unfortunately for us all, a rather large typhoon was bearing down on Hiroshima and closed the airports on our scheduled departure date. We Tokyo-based Muratores ran out of oomph after that, but the Australian-based Muratores rallied and managed to make it to Hiroshima for an abridged journey.

Unfortunately we did not end up making it to Hiroshima during our stay in Japan, and based on the feedback it is high on our list of places to visit when we make the return journey in the years to come.

Luckily for us, we also got some time in Tokyo on either side of the Muratore’s Hiroshima trip. Jake got in some quality reading time, as we all sheltered from the late summer heat.

We also had time to squeeze in a mid-week (while it was nice and quite and Jake was in school) visit to Team Lab’s DMM Planet exhibit. Jake being in school was important for this one as there was a room full of knee deep water which we would not have easily made it out of dry.

As usual, the Tokyo Chapter has many posts on which Team Lab exhibit to go (DMM Planet or Borderless). We have been to both and both are magical, but as she points out there are differences between the two!

We also managed to squeeze in a family pizza night at Pizza Studio Tamaki (or PST), which is around  the corner from Jake’s school. My only complaint about this place is they make everyone (including Jake) order a drink or pay a cover charge. That being said, the pizza is amazing and the complimentary soup that comes at the start is almost worth the cover charge!

And these photos are all courtesy of Jake. Either of his foray into self-portraiture or his attempts at candid portrait photography!

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