The absolutely fabulous year of FOUR!

In usual birthday tradition, before celebrating our main not-so-little man turning four, we parents like to review his first, second and third birthdays! Relative to his giant numbers, he certainly is getting rather tall!

This was Jake’s last year with his birthday on the verge of winter, so he maxed out with a fantastic handmade beanie among many (possible too many) gifts. One of his favourites being a Jake dedicated bone, for when he pretending to be Max – our pet dog. We also made a special adventure to the Anpanman museum – more about that adventure here!

We continued our Japan tradition of hosting almost-too-cold garden parties and had another brunch for all and sundry! At the birthday boy’s request we had BBQ pancakes, vanilla ricotta, berries, banana and salted caramel. We also repeated the successful hot chocolate  (with sneaky coffee addition to make adult approved mochas) from last year.

This year, in lieu of a cake, Jake requested chocolate mousse (with sixty small portion sizes to feed all the adults and children)! I definitely cleared out three Japanese supermarkets of all their available cream!


Following the pancakes, and before the mousse we engaged in some of the more traditional birthday party games such as the three-legged race, a running race (or four) and running-with-a-balloon-between-the-legs race! Yes – racing was definitely a theme!


Whilst we are all sad to have left Japan and our built in entertaining areas, we are looking forward to Jake’s fifth birthday with some different temperatures, family and friends!

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