So long, but probably not farewell [all things dread related]

For those of you who know me in person, or have seen recent pictures of me you will have noticed that my dreadlocks have disappeared in recent months. Unfortunately for our family a case of the headlice visited the family just before Christmas and they made the jump (literally) to my head.

Faced with the prospect of not enjoying a snow holiday with a helmet of headlice I made the hard and sad decision to remove my dreadlocks. It took Andrew and I almost a whole night of chopping with secateurs and many combs and a lot of conditioner. But in the end I had a head of hair down to my shoulders which I then got trimmed, once all the headlice were 100% gone.

These pictures at the bottom of this post here were the last day I had my locks (although I didn’t know it at the time).

So allow me a short moment to reflect upon my hair. And yes, I am still sad about loosing them so this is my tribute to my mountain of hair over the years since I got these dreadlocks put in at the start of 2012. Here they are at their shortest and their longest, and everything in between!

Prior to this I also had one year with no dreadlocks! For everyone curious as to what my unbound hair looks like.

Prior to this I also had another batch of dreadlocks – which i mistakenly got rid of at the start of 2011. These ones I had for just over a year (and yes, that included my wedding – no regrets there). I learnt a lot from these dreads, and the second ones were much fatter and therefore easier to maintain.

And yes, here is a picture of Andrew and I dug up from the archives from pre-all my dreadlocks days when we were young.

And yes, to answer the two most commonly asked questions: I am a 99% chance of getting them again as I love them and feel cheated of the chance to part with them on my own terms (if I ever actually wanted to) and yes, you can wash and clean dreadlocks.


A penny for your thoughts?

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