A White Christmas [@ Niseko]

For our final Christmas in Tokyo we decided to head north to start our final winter season early on the northern slopes in Hokkaido. Ergo, we had our first Christmas a few days earlier in Tokyo before setting off.

Important note: some of these photos come from Jake himself, who has taken to testing out his new camera ALL THE TIME.

This is the family en route to Niseko, with most of the photos taken by Jake. Particularly the toilet one. Just in case that needed any clarifying.

Sadly we don’t have too many photos of our time on the snow, but it was Granita’s last hurrah! Even though the season was only just starting at Niseko, it was already miles ahead of a great day in Australia! On actual Christmas day we had our meal at a local izakaya – which was quite the novelty and rather different than the Australian Christmas norm!

Here is some footage of our smallest snow bunny during his second season on skis. Apologies in advance for the excited parental encouragement that accompanies the footage.

When we returned to Tokyo we were lucky enough to be joined by Aunty Erin and Uncle Dylan who were en route to their own snow adventure.

We also squeezed in a few other things around Tokyo with Granita and Poppadon on their last trip to Japan. We went on a river cruise in Tokyo, went hunting for delicious pizza in Nakameguro and went on a Hato Bus tour (you need to be at least 4 to do this, so it was a long time dream of Jake’s fulfilled)!


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