go-jek [in Jakarta]

Fleeing the long (and glorious) winter of Japan, I made a brief solo sojourn to visit Esther and Darrell at their new residence in Jakarta.

While there we toured the city and ate all the foods, and I enjoyed the slower pace of Jakarta’s city life! I also got my first ride on a go-jek – a scooter you can hire to get around the city!

Esther and I of course hit up the fabric shops for all the batik and we stomped for at least 30 minutes and jumped through many puddles and darted all the cars to find button heaven. I am so surprised and thankful that it has not burnt down! Despite the extremely hot conditions inside, I believe we stayed for close to an hour and I have at least half a life time supply of buttons to show for it!

Esther also showed me the key essentials to surviving Jakarta – and that is getting out of the smog! So we took a day trip to the lovely island of Polau Macan in Jakarta Bay. Typically, our boat broke down on our return, but we made it back in time for dinner!

Thanks for the fun times! It nearly has me convinced of the merits of a posting to the city!

A penny for your thoughts?

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