One last hurrah! [Kawaguchiko]

For our final trip in Japan we returned to the foot of the great Mount Fuji. If you are ever looking for a peaceful retreat from Tokyo with chances of seeing the mountain, Kawaguchiko is the place to go.

We were lucky enough to visit with good friends from the embassy – Julia, Dan, Michael, Heather and their family. On our drive out there with Julia and Dan our hire car got upgraded – much to Jake’s delight!

During our visit we ate lots of delicious local produce, visited a few local cafes and went to the local temple. We also got lucky and had some unseasonably late snow that made for some great photo opportunities.

If you are ever in the area you absolutely must visit the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. This is a textile museum dedicated to the delightful kimono made by Itchiku Kubota. We almost didn’t go, and I am so glad we did. Unfortunately no photos are allowed of the kimono – but they are the best I have seen in my time in Japan!

Thanks to our friends for a great final trip in Japan!

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