TIK Year three [international school]

To round out our series of posts about Jake’s experience of school in Japan, we need to talk about Tokyo International Kindercare, or TIK for short. After attending a local Japanese school for 2 years, this was quite the change! As it was an international school, English was the main language spoken – not Japanese. For those asking, Jake did quickly loose his Japanese as he no longer needed it.

TIK had the same level of dedication to the arts and crafts when it came to the various shows put on throughout the year, with the addition of homework! Three nights a week! Which surprisingly, Jake quite liked.

So here are some of the big ceremonies from Jake’s year at TIK. First up is the awards ceremony Jake attended a month after starting at his new school. Sadly for Jake they couldn’t get his fancy award printed in time, so he didn’t get a piece of paper to go with his award which accounts for his sad face.

The next big event was the official start of the school year in September (or maybe it is October) of 2018.

This was closely followed by Halloween. The Hoikuen did Halloween, but it was nothing compared to TIK. The parents were soooo involved! And yes, that is me underneath the lion mask and Jake in his now-famous scary crow costume he helped to sew.

Christmas was a similarly big affair and featured the scary crow in an animal musical.

And our final event was a much delayed undokai (or sports day festival) held in April instead of the previous November. It was the most unseasonably cold I have ever been in my life.

TIK – thanks for the fabulous year of learning and the all the great friends who supported Jake in his final year! We will miss you!!

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